Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GiMP University logo (2)

Just for you people who can't wait for the next tutorial, here's the final product:

And you can download my GiMP native file with all the layers still in tact here.

And here's how today's tutorial will work; I'll leave the comments open on this post, you downlaod the files, and axe me questions that you have about how I did or why I did whatever it is you see in the file itself.

I realize that's a lazy and lame way to run a tutorial, but I used only the techniques I have shown you so far to make this logo.

Fire it up.


mark said...

Hey Frank,
every time I try to save as a .jpg then re-open my .xcf file with the GiMP it seems like all the layers are gone. What am I doing wrong?

Frank Turk said...

That is a great question -- and an annoying problem.

Here's what I am assuming you're doing:

[1] using "save as", you're saving with a file name of "*.jpg".

[2] You're clicking OK when GiMP tells you it's going to flatten the image to save the JPG.

[3] You get a fine JPG when it's over.

[4] But your sandbox image is now flat.

What happened was that when you clicked "OK" to warning, the GiMP flattened your image. It has to because JPG images do not support layers.

The VERY simple fix is to simply hit "CTRL-Z" after you save, which will undo the flattening.

The way to AVOID this problem altogether is this: when you're ready to save your sandbox image as a flattened file type, type "CTRL-D" to make a duplicate image which initially will have all your layers in tact -- but then save your DUPLICATE as the flat file type so your layers sandbox file doesn't get flattened out in the first place.

This also saves your life from accidentally saving the flat file type over your layers sandbox image "on accident" (as my kids say).

Hope that helps.

mark said...

that works. thanks man.

Rose~ said...

Hey! This looks like something I need to explore, being a graphic designer who is sorely lacking in technical savvy.

Are non-Calvinists allowed to use this resource? ;~)

Frank Turk said...

You could even be an atheist, but I'm not sure why you'd want to be.


Palmernate said...

wow, a gimp-loving reformed christian! that makes 2. check out my website banner I used GIMP 2 for