Thursday, October 30, 2008

The request line is now open

OK people: after an interminable hiatus, I have some time to make some new tutorials.

What would you like to see me tutorialize? What's the thing you want to do which you can't with GiMP?

If you could link to images that you want me to break, that'd be great.


jc said...

New Gimp version is available.

Frank Turk said...

This is factually true. The fact you are omitting, jc, is that 2.6 works almost entirely in the same way as 2.4 did. All the tools look and feel the same, and all the menus are the same. The biggest change here is the interface.

And it's a nice change. I have installed it on my work PC, and it's very nice.

For those of you still working with 2.4 (which this site will use at least until 2009), don't worry: when you have to upgrade, I'll let you know. You don't have to be a version groupie to use GiMP and get great results.

proveritate said...


How did you create the comic pic of yourself in your "About Me" section?

Frank Turk said...

Good question.

All things being equal, I have covered that in this post and this post.

There are some nuances to this process which I used which deserve their own post, but those two posts will take you about 85% of the way to what I did to make my blogger avatar, and you'll get a result which can hold you over until I can get a post together on this subject.

Yahooguntu said...

Can you write a tutorial on how to take the head off someone in one picture and put it in place of someone else's head in another picture?

~Mark said...

Whoa, very cool site Frank, I should've clicked on your profile long ago! I downloaded Gimp about 2 years ago but have only sporadically made the time to learn it. That and Blender.

Master, share with me the secrets of Gimp!!

Frank Turk said...

Yahooguntu --

Why yes, I can!

It's not actually as hard as it sounds, and if you're clever and somewhat tenacious with your image searches, you can really get some decent results.

Hillary said...

Thank you for the "Off with his head" series! I've always wanted to learn how to do this. I'm eagerly awaiting part 3.


Kevin Rhyne said...


Looking forward to the next Gimpotine post. Does Phil mind you working out your aggression this way?

Frank Turk said...

Yeah, I didn't see anything wrong with this series when I started it, and Phil didn't say anything, but then one of the TeamPyro readers linked to the finished product and I was somewhat mortified that the image was making the rounds.

I'm about to rennovate this series to get the offending images off the site for the sake of my conscience.

Michelle Renee said...

GIMP is great, but sometimes it's too fancy for what I want. Right now if I just want to do a simple rectangular crop of an image I use kolourpaint rather than GIMP because I can't figure out how to move the corners of the selection zone.

Frank Turk said...

Michelle --

That's actually a great question in disguise of a frustration.

My opinion is that the best way to crop in GiMP is to use the "Image" menu, and then go down to the "Canvas Size" option. There you can set the final canvas size to the size you really want to crop to and then drag the image around inside the cropped canvas until it looks like what you thought you wanted.

The advantage of kolorpaint, of course, is that it is a rude tool and if you just want to crop it's much quicker and easier to use than GiMP.

GiMP is meant to be an open-source tool that stands between the person who cannot possibly use MS Paint anymore because it just doesn't do anything useful and the expense of buying Photoshop Elements or full-blown photoshop. It runs on almost any box, and frankly it is as powerful as the old Photoshop 6 I just lost when my Mac HD crashed (first drive to crash in 20 years as a mac user -- can you believe that?).

Be patient with GiMP and you will really gain a lot of editing power in a short period of time.

Draco said...

Hello, Frank. I like your site a lot and I follow your blog. You've tought me many things There is one method in an image I have that I want to use in some other image: it is a way to make some fake 3D using GIMP and layer offsets. Maybe you can help me in trying to understand how to do it, how to reproduce the effect, which I like a lot, by the way.

The image is in this web page: I havent found how to add images in comments.

Thanks in advance.