Long Time No See

Greetings all. Just a quick update here in the virtual academy for free graphics competence.

There's a new book out from PACKT Publishing by Juan Manuel Ferreyra -- GiMP 2.6 Cookbook.

On the "con" side:

  • It's not in color, which is a major setback on many of the tutorials. To see the tools actually do their stuff, you have to see the result in color.
  • It's $44.99 as a softbound book, which is pretty pricey. Comparable books will top out at $29.99.
  • The approach to grappling with GiMP in this book is not systematic, so the n00b might learn something, or might not.

But on the pro side:

  • While the approach to the book seems to be scatter-shot, Ferreyra really does cover a lot of ground in this book -- lots of topics I wish I had to time to cover here. There are sound foundational learnings to be gleaned from this book.
  • It does come in a PDF version for a much more reasonable price, and that does present the tutorials in color, so you will find it far more satisfying and helpful.
  • It gives you the right impression of GiMP, which is that it's a very decent intermediate graphics manipulation tool, and sort of teases you to want to play with it some more to see what you can do with it.

It's another way to become conversant with GiMP, and will be useful for anyone who wants to get started with the tool.

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