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Hi everyone!  Sorry the blog has been dormant for so long.  I have had other things to do, I guess. Back in the 90's, when Photoshop 6 cost a lot of money and there was no GiMP, there was a plug-in for Photoshop called X-Hatch by a company called Inklination .  It was a ridiculously-powerful little plug in that allowed the user to do all manner of really interesting renderings which are all types of cross-hatch effects to a photo. Unfortunately, that plug-in has simply vanished and there hasn't really been a replacement for it as far as I can tell.  I have a clever little app on my Android pad which will do something like X-Hatch to photos, but it's just not the same. This tutorial is also not exactly the same, but it will be able to move you from something like this: Royalty-Free Image provided by And with a few simple adjustments and a clever use of layers, come away with something that looks like this: CLICK TO ENLARGE Click tha

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